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The cooperation between the Local Self-Government and the Aarhus Center is entering a new stage in Yeghvard

On April 22, Gohar Ghazinyan, Environmental Programmes Officer at the OSCE Office in Yerevan, I. Ulmasov, Assistant, G. Nanyan, eco-journalist and M. Chakryan, PR manager of the Aarhus Centers were on a working visit in Yeghvard Aarhus Center. The meeting was also attended by the deputy mayor Yeghvard, members of the Center’s Board and teachers.
Welcoming the participants, G. Ghazinyan highlighted the importance of the activities implemented by the Aarhus Centers at the community level. The latter noted that the taxpayers should know where their money goes and how efficiently are being used. In this regard, she stressed the importance of adequate

public participation in the budget formulation and monitoring. Ms. G. Ghazinyan proposed cooperating with the centers and disinterested assistance of the experts of the OSCE Office in Yerevan for making the activity of the Local Self-Government more accountable and democratic, in direction of increasing the efficiency of cooperation with the community. The latter also informed that currently works are being carried out to enshrine the public participation process by the law.

Through the presentation the Center Coordinator presented the environmental problems of Nairi region of the Kotayk province, spoke about the Center’s activities implemented towards dissemination of information regarding these issues and promotion of public participation in decision making process, achievements and future plans. The latter presented the analysis conducted towards the Local Self-Governing system: the situation, the problems, mentioned development priorities, proposing solutions and methods.

K. Harutyunyan, Yeghvard Deputy Mayor disagreeing with some of the coordinator’s suggestions, marked that the local self-governments should be maximum independent and self-governing in terms of carrying out voluntary competences. The latter noted that environmental problems are often being associated with garbage dumping while the framework of these issues is much wider. Among the works carrying out towards the waste management the Deputy Mayor highlighted the issue of acknowledging and raising public awareness, therefore, the effectiveness of the waste management was conditioned by the joint work. According to him this is the problem, the solution of which depends not as much of financial investment, as of the propaganda work carrying out with people.

There was expressed a desire to strengthen cooperation with the Center and to put it on a new level. As a result of the discussion it was decided to develop a joint action plan and submit it to the municipality, based on which to operate targeted and consistent.

Ruzanna Manyan
Coordinator of Yeghvard Aarhus Center
Tell: 094331055, 022422933
E-mail: info_yeghvard@aarhus.am, ruzannamanyan@gmail.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan