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Environmental civil organizations response to the call for cooperation of the Minister of Nature Protection of the RA

To the Minister of Nature Protection
Mr. A. Grigoryan,
Members of Environmental Public Alliance and Armenian Aarhus Centers N 65/2014
Dear Mr. Grigoryan,

We, a number of NGOs of Environmental Public Alliance and private members concerned with the nature conservation, representatives of the Armenian Aarhus Centers, sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of assuming high position of the Nature Protection Minister at the RA Government. We appreciate your message to the civil society of Armenia to participate actively and support in settling environmental problems of vital importance.

We are ready to meet with you for presenting environmental issues concerning us in expectation of laying foundations for our future joint work directed to prosperity of our country.

We propose to organize meetings according to tasks:

1. Mineral resources exploitation
2. Problems associated with the failure of the Aarhus Convention by the Republic of Armenia, including the report to be presented at the Aarhus Conference to be held this year in July in the city of Maastricht (Netherlands).
3. Lake Sevan issue
4. Small HPPs
5. Specially Protected Areas as necessary

Best regards
Silva Adamyan
Coordinator of Environmental Public Alliance
05.05.2014 Yerevan