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Mr. Aramayis Grigorian, Minister of Nature Protection of the RA calls the public to cooperate for the sake of our state


The sufficient economical development in our Republic demands from the society to take more attention on the Nature protection issues. Though by the legislation of the RA the environmental activities are under the responsibility of our Ministry, it is impossible to regulate such vital issues without an active participation and assistance of the society. The main aim of this website is to provide information about the actions and measures that the Ministry of Nature Protection is taking for the regulation of environmental policy and wildlife management problems. Providing the availability of information and to involve the public in the decision-making process in the field of environment is another role of this website. I look forward to active assistance of the wide sections of the population that are anxious about environmental issues either through website or direct dialogues in order to regulate these vital nature protection problems jointly.

Minister of Nature Protection of the RA:Aramayis Grigoryan