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«Photography Masterclass» In the Aarhus Centre of Yeghvard

In the 22th of April the serial Seminar of «Photography Masterclass» project was in the Aarhus Center of Yeghvard. Ecojournalist, photographer G. Nanyan hold a photography workshop for the pupils of Yeghvard High School. The trainer introduced the secrets and main rules, the specifics of photography, light, shadow, etc.. Through the presentation he showed how to get a successful photo, how to create interesting and contextual images, how to literally use the light effects, to use correctly the possibilities of the camera, etc..There were photos shot in different regions of RA in the presentation- interesting images of nature, birds, photos characterizing

some environmental problems, rural colors, etc.. Theoretical training will be followed by practical work, which the participants can do during the events carried out by the Aarhus Centre. Experience is a must to become a master in photography so the participants will be given the chance to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and become more skilled. There is a plan for the end of the year to organize an exhibition of the best photos taken by the participants, who will be encouraged by the center.

As it’s known the photography is applied in the art, social, scientific and informational fields. This is a good opportunity to represent and clarify any problem concerning any field through the photo and the short information attached. In the frames of this program the participants will have the chance to present both their environmental problems and the natural beauties through their eyes.

Ruzanna Manyan
Coordinator of Yeghvard Aarhus Centre
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Translated by Ruzanna Manyan