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The Participation of Yeghvard and Hrazdan Aarhus centres in the social-economic development plan of the region in the period of 2015-2018.

On April 18, a meeting was held in Kotayk region’s administration concerning to the social-economic development plan of the region during the period of 2015-2018.The meeting was chaired by the Governor of Kotaik K. Shahgaldyan. He presented that the program formation works started according to Government’s decision which was made to give approval to the concept of the development project’s formation and implementation based on The Government’s 18.09.2008, p. N38 decision based on the record.

As the governor said that the project provides the strategic directions that will contribute to the normal functioning of regional infrastructure, and the proportion of continuous development and improvement of living conditions of the population. The program aims to contribute to the development of various sectors and priority issues.

Sectoral working groups will take part in the formation of the project, whic will carry out their activities and analyzes in cooperation with relevant ministries and other state agencies. In working groups are involved governors of the communities, employees of administration, municipalities and village officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations. During the session the data of members of each working group was represented. Among the members of the working sector of the environment group are also the employees of Yeghvard and Hrazdan Aarhus Centers. It is planned to present the situation, analyze, and present the existing environmental issues which need solution and develop a strategy for that.

Further actions and works will be discussed during the sectoral working meetings.

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Translated by Ruzanna Manyan