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Exchange of experiences between representatives of civil society of Kyrgyzstan and Armenia

On April 9-13, N. Kravtsov and K. Umuralieva, members of the board under the Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan were in Armenia aiming to research energy sector and sharing experience. They met with state officials of the field, received answers to their questions.

They are also members of the Asian Development Bank’s public forum engaged in monitoring projects, so in accordance with the preliminarily reached agreement with their Armenian partners, they had also meetings with the representatives of NGOs and shared their impressions obtained in Armenia.

N. Kravtsov expressed astonishment when got informed that the municipality is not interested in central heating system recovery process.

A. Gabrielyan, National Focal Point to UNFCCC informed that the initiative launched in the support of the international environmental fund and successfully registered in the involvement of the private sector has reached to a deadlock; the case reached to the European Court.
Unlike Armenia, Kyrgyzstan’s civil society is trying to maintain the central heating system.
As assured N. Kravtsov, in the course of a heating season, for example, for heating 80 square meters of apartment, a citizen pays only 20 USD equivalent money the rest of the cost is covered by the state.

According to social activist K. Umuralieva, any undertaking of increasing prices of electricity, natural gas or heating arouses civil negative reaction in Kyrgyzstan. The latter expressed astonishment informing that we pay 5 times more for electricity than they are and we do not express our displeasure.
S. Adamyan noticed that Kyrgyzstan government attaches great importance to the public opinion. However, K. Umuralieva considered Kyrgyzstan’s civil society’s success the tenacious struggle and reasonable legislation.

“As a political figure, my problem is the implementation of a reasonable, prudent monitoring, elaboration of recommendations and presentation to the government, and then to call every day asking at what stage is the process of adopting our proposals.”
On April 13, Kyrgyzstan guests left the Republic of Georgia for studying also their experience.

Mary Chakryan
PR manager of the Armenian Aarhus Centers
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan