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Inter-regional consultation meeting in Gavar on the theme ‘’Water and health’’

On the initiative of the ‘’Armenian women for health and healthy environment’’ NGO and by the financing of the ministry for foreign affairs of Finland consultation meeting on the theme ‘’Water and Health, definition of its protocol and targets’’ was held for the interested parties in Gavar, on January 30.
The theme has united almost all the interested parties. The participants of the discussion were head of the department of environment protection of Gegharkunik marzpetaran Mr. H. Hambardzumyan, head of the Gavar Branch of Armenian Water sewerage CJSC Mr. M. Ghudeyan, mayors of a number of communities of Gegharkunik marz and the

representatives of NGOs, coordinators of the Aarhus centers of Shirak, Kotayq and Gegharkunik marzes, head of the ecological health department of the ‘’Armenian women for health and healthy environment’’ NGO Mrs. E. Anakhasyan and the head of the department of hygiene and ecological risks, Mrs. L. Simonyan.

Independent experts Mr. V Sargsyan and T. Oganezov represented data base on national targets of water supply and sanitation sector analysis in the RA and the priorities of the targeted areas. By the way the drainage system is absent in many communities of Armenia, and the water supply systems are gradually becoming incapacitated because of their statute of limitations. In such a situation it is very difficult to organize the water supply service.

Head of the Gavar Branch of Armenian Water sewerage CJSC Mr. M. Ghudeyan presented the general picture of the water supply and sanitation in Gegharkunik marz. He noted that in the communities where the water supply is managed by the ‘’Armwater sewerage’’ company, the situation is definitely improved; round the clock water supply is carried out and within the upcoming two years the system will be completely renewed due to the investments.

The coordinator of Gyumri Aarhus Center Mr. G. Petrosyan represented the water supply and sanitation problems of Shirak marz, the coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center Mrs. M. Mazmanyan represented the environmental problems of Gegharkunik marz.

Active discussion and exchange of opinions took place, which covered not only the water supply problems, but various issues on environment protection closely related to it. The participants talked about the maintenance of the lake purity, river basin conservation, household waste management, biodiversity and other issues in need of regulation. Suggestions and judgements on the issues discussed will be submitted to relevant authorities’ attention.

Marine Mazmanyan
Coordinator of the Gavar Aarhus Center
Tel. (+374) 264 61511, 94 642464
e-mail info_gavar@aarhus.am
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan