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The new vision of Aghstev River: Public hearings on “Idjevan -1” SHPP’s draft

On April 10, public hearings on “Idjevan -1” SHPP was held in Idjevan. The initiator of the HPP construction is “Jurluys” LLC. “Idjevan -1” SHPP is scheduled to build in the inner sector of “White Lake” Reservoir’s Dam operating on Aghstev in Tavush province of the RA.

The SHPP’s building is planned to install on the left bank of Aghstev River. The length of the SHPP pressure pipeline is 340 m, diameter is 2,032 m. Let us also note that in accordance with the “Idjevan -1” SHPP’s draft, in the studying area are met a number of species listed in the Red Book.

The public hearings was attended by about thirty people, most of which were “acquaintances” of the company submitted the application. Journalists were also present. In fact, he project hearings were like talentless performance, where were only sounded words of praise and sympathy.

At first glance, it was seemed that we were present in a history-making event, which, by the way, was held in gross violations of environmental norms and formats.
The atmosphere was so heated that the negative aspects were taken as challenges, interrupted and hindered the work of journalists. During the discussion Dilijan Aarhus Center Coordinator raised a number of questions regarding the numbers marked in the project and researches.

At first, a question was raised regarding the following sentence. “As a dangerous physical and geological phenomenon, it should be taken into account the seasonal over-flow of Aghstev river, but the constructed reservoir almost (we underline) regulates the proportion of river flow and reduces the risk”. A question was raised, what measures are being taken for eliminating that “almost”. However, serious arguments were not offered, only episodic observations were made.

Minutes on the public hearings was not drawn up stating that there were some shortcomings and deletions, which was also a gross violation of the norms.

It should be noted that the dam of the “White Lake” artificial lake is technically not correspond to any limitation due to the extra workload, and in case of technical intervention it can lose its elasticity and in case of floods threaten the safety of citizens and the city.
In addition Idjevan bridges can transfer up to 300 cubic m/s water pressure and the extra outflows will lead to sinking the city’s central parts, in order to prevent these risks have been constructed the artificial lake, and not for some company’s business plan.

David Ghazayan
Coordinator of idjevan Aarhus Center
Tell: /374 93/00 70 10
E-mail: info_ijevan@aarhus.am, david.ghazaryan.83@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan