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Muddy water coming out of taps in Dilijan


During the last ten days very muddy, dirty water sometimes with unpleasant odor is flowing of taps in the city of Dilijan. All this has caused anxiety among the citizens.
At first the issue was raised by an active young man of the city, posting videos on muddy water and picturesque photos on Facebook social network’s Dilijan group’s page.

In addition many citizens visited Aarhus Centre to obtain information about concerning them issue.

The Center Coordinator advised the residents to provide hotlines numbers, Center volunteers have called the Ministry of Health, Anti-epidemic Regional Inspectorate as well as the Armenian Water and Sewerage Company. Later residents made numerous calls, indicating the specific addresses where have been observed muddy water.
The appropriate services have taken samples from the apartments of the mentioned addresses for examining the water composition.

The Aarhus Center has prepared an enquiry directed to the Expertise Center of the Anti-epidemic Tavush Regional Inspectorate of the MH of the RA and the Armenian Water and Sewerage Company for receiving research responses.

Albert Haroyan
Coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Center
Tell: 0268 2-31-38, 094 763594
E-mail: info_dilijan@aarhus.am, albertharoyan@rambler.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan