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Disaster or not proper management

Ararat - копия03.04.2014

The Ararat valley is fed of the Aras River and its tributaries, also with groundwater wealth. However, the underground water reserves have gone down in recent years, which caused a lot of social and economic problems.
The Ministry of Nature Protection has granted water use permissions for for fisheries and irrigation purposes, which have greatly affected the groundwater level.

Due to the sharp reduction, decreased even dried up both the rivers and underground sources.
To handle this situation the water Management Committee of the Ministry of Territorial Administration of the RA has developed a draft law “On Making Amendments to RA Law “On the State Complex program on the recovery, preservation, reproduction and natural development and usage of Lake Sevan ecosystem”, of which is expected to let out 240 million cubic meters of water from Lake Sevan, which, according to the experts, could damage the existence of the lake ecosystem.

The coordinator of the Ararat Aarhus Center and “Ecolur” NGO had meetings in several communities with local Government representatives, farmers and residents local officials, farmers and residents to find out the current state of water and reasons of the real problems.

The situation was different in different communities, the problem, everywhere obvious.
The previously existing large-scale fish farms looked like a small pond In Ranchpar community. Local residents did not have a water problem, but they said that if in the past a few meters depth gravity water was pouring out, today, they have to use the pump.

In other communities, where farming is the main occupation, the situation is different. Dalar village stands at the serious problem of dehydration, though, that Azat river flows through the village. Farmers aren`t able to use the water from the river as the two reservoirs built on the river accumulatin the water and only in order the water is left open. Water flows into the Aras, then moved back to Mkhchyan village where by liters is sold to farmers.

The villagers do not believe that the water of Sevan lake will reach to them and insist that “Sevan must stay Sevan”, and to solve the problem the proper management system is only needed.

Hripsime Sargsyan
Coordinator of Ararat Aarhus center

e-mail: info_ararat@aarhus.am
Translated by Hripsime Sargsyan