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Public Hearings on Dilijan Wastewater Treatment Plant

On February 18, Dilijan Aarhus Center held a public hearing regarding Dilijan wastewater treatment plant design documents.

Mr. E. Mesropyan, director of “Jinj” LLC presented the project noting that it will be built in a place chosen yet in the Soviet Union period; nearby Haghartsin community, where some works had been already implemented maintaining all specifications. The treatment plant capacity is calculated in such a way that it will be possible to subject to mechanical cleaning waste waters of the three communities: Dilijan, Teghout and Haghartsin.

A. Hovsepyan, environmentalist of “Jinj” LLC presented the possible impact on the environment during the implementation of this project. Many questions were asked by the attendees. To the question regarding the total cost of the project the representatives of the Armenian Water and Sewerage Company answered that for that purpose the European Development Bank has provided 1 million 200 thousand Euros.

The attendees were also interested to know where will be accumulated the sediments collected by the cleaning station. In response to the question it was mentioned, that the sediments will be removed to that the local landfill, with which the Armenian Water and Sewerage Company will sign an agreement. According to the speakers, from the perspective of the energy efficiency it will be the most energy saving among the all treatment plants operating in the RA. A question was raised by the residents of the surrounding community, if whether would be unpleasant odors and emissions from the treatment plant. Responsible officials assured that there will be not any odor at the distance of 15-20 meters, and at the 2nd stage, in case of the availability of funds, when will be implemented biological treatment works, will be also set air cleaning special equipments.

The area has been studied and it is not located in the landslide zone, only a section of the pipelines is crossing the landslide zone, for which will be drawn up new designs, and it will be conducted by the most secure way. The participants were also interested if the sewage of Teghout and Haghartsin will be merged to the treatment plant.

In response the representatives of the Armenian Water and Sewerage Company said that the capacity of the treatment plant is providing that opportunity, it will be of a direct necessity for the 2 communities to enter into AWSC service area.

Albert Haroyan
Coordinator of Dilijan Aarhus Centre
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Translated by Anush Beybutyan