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Amendments were made in “Khachaghbyur 2″ SHPPs draft to the detriment of nature

On February 17, public hearings on the amended working project of “Khachaghbyur-2” SHHP submitted by “Megaenergy” LLC was held in Getahovit community of Tavush province. The residents of Getahovit village, which previously assumed position of unbiased defenders, during the current discussion didn’t display any activity. The meeting was attended by only 10 of the 2024 residents of Getahovit community; the community of Yenokavan was presented only by the community leader.
According to Z. Zurnachyan, expert of the “Environmental Expertise” SNCO of the MNP were not fixed shortcomings in the draft, simply “Megaenergy” had presented some

design amendments, which are summarized in the expertise documents.
According to the presented project “Khachaghbyur 2″ CJSC’s draft aims to use the drop of Paghjur River between the points 1088.5/863 m 225.5 m, which will bring nearer Paghjur river’s residual flows to the planned building of the SHPP by the pressure pipeline of 122 cm in diameter and length of 3400 m. This means that were not implemented design changes, but the fact that the project-plan was presented, according to which the pipeline is extended for another 1 km, while the pressure pipeline capacity is doubled.
According to the expert’s conclusion: “From the geological point of view the river basin subsurface consists of different types of lava, mostly of basalt: V-shaped valleys slopes are covered with diluvium.”
However, is not mentioned that the whole pipeline runs through the V-shaped slopes, where in the conditions of quite high tectonic irregularities are strictly prohibited construction, use of heavy equipment and changes in micro flora. According to experts after the inception of “Khachaghbyur 2″ will be apparent the project gaps and errors, as a result of which we will suffer.
“To the studied area are typical approximately 126 vertebrate animals, 36 mammals, 52 birds, 29 reptiles and amphibians, 9 species of fish. The area is characterized by the following species registered in the “Red Book” “European Free-tailed Bat, Caucasian brown bear, Caucasian Wild Cat, Bezoar goat, the Eurasian griffon, Rock Thrush and White-throated Robin.”
While still in the database of the same project as well is mentioned: “At the SHPP structures surrounding area are missing endemic, rare, threatened or endangered animals.”
Here a contradiction arises, if the river is the only guarantee of protection of the surrounding fauna and flora, then how the SHPP and its infrastructures do not affect the endemic species of fauna.

David Ghazaryan
Coordinator of Ijevan Aarhus Center
Tell: /374 93/00 70 10, /374 93/ 30 50 07
E-mail: info_ijevan@aarhus.am, david.ghazaryan.83@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan