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Alarm from Melikgyugh



On February 11, Aparan Aarhus Center received an alarm from a group of residents of Melikgyugh community of Aragatsotn province on a case of environmental right violation. The reason of the alarm was the public hearing held on February 10, by “Mego-Gold” LLC in Yerevan on the draft of construction of the new 3rd tailing dump of Toukhmanuk gold mine. The village residents were outraged that they were not informed about the hearing, that the hearing on the important issue directly related to their health and well-being were not held in the affected community, but in Yerevan office of the engineering company.
It should be noted that since 2006 “MegoGold” company has carried out exploitation of Tukhmanuk gold mine situated in the immediate vicinity of Melikgyugh, have been built an enrichment plant and two tailing dumps.

In 2012 “MegoGold” submitted a working project to the Environmental Expertise of the Ministry of Nature Protection on the construction of a new (3rd) tailing dump at the gold processing plant, which has raised the public’s concerns and complaints as operation of the mine, enrichment plant and tailing dumps had resulted a number of environmental (pollution of air, drinking and irrigation water, pastures) and social issues (the company failed to make payment of wages on time, undertaken obligations in social programs implementation in the village, payment of taxes of the rented lands, recultivation of tailing dumps).

In 2013 the Ministry of Nature Protection rejected the Toukhmanuk tailing project submitted by Mego Gold Company for the construction of a new (3rd) tailing.

This year, “MegoGold” company has again submitted for the construction of a new (3rd) tailing, however, in violation of the procedure prescribed by law, holding public hearings ignoring the rights of citizens to participate fully in the decision-making process and receiving information related to the surrounding environment and their community, limiting the possibility of expressing views and opinions, making observations and recommendations on the planned project.

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