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Repair of Fast Flowing Irrigation System, or Construction of a New HPP in Karbi and Ohanavan

It’s already ten days that a great wave of discontent has been raised among the residents of Karbi, Ohanavan and the surrounding villages of Aragatsotn province, the cause of which is the implementation of construction works on the Arzni-Shamiram canal and according to the news construction of the TPC. The villagers are worried and seriously concerned that in the case of the HPP construction the fruit orchards in five communities will be in danger of dehydration.
Residents of Karbi and Ohanavan are also angry as the construction works started without their awareness, without hearing the community opinions, and to the questions concerning the construction are given contradictory answers.
For the villagers it’s still unclear, whether irrigation system repair or new HPP construction is carried out in their communities.

Recently, in order to obtain information about this construction works a group of residents applied to Aparan Aarhus Centre and the Aarhus Center had already made inquiries refer to the problem and addressed to the appropriate government agencies for obtaining official and detailed information.

Today on March 6, the residents of the above mentioned communities to make their voices heard have applied to extreme measures by closing the Yerevan-Gyumri road and throwing off pipes and equipment brought here for the construction purpose. It is known that the main source of income for the residents of the above mentioned regions are farming and gardening of vital importance.

What will benefit from the HPP construction an ordinary farmer, we can only assume, but that the water used in the HPP exploitation is changing its chemical composition and physical properties and becoming unusable for irrigation, is scientifically justified.

Natalya Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Centre
Tell: /374 252/ 6 23 60, /374 94/ 22 49 26
E-mail: info_aparan@aarhus.am, aarhusaparan@mail.ru
Translated by Anush Beybutyan