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“Eco- Patrol” will take control over outdoor playgrounds of Yerevan

The “Public Awareness and Monitoring Center” NGO has launched the “Eco-Patrol” project. It includes several components that can be classified in three groups: eco-education, awareness raising and public oversight. The aim is to raise public awareness on the state of the surrounding environment, to help citizens understand the threats posed to their health due to environmental pollution, to control the changes in the environment personally and to exercise their right to affect decisions. Naturally, one of the important legal instruments here is the Aarhus Convention, which gives the public the right to be informed, participate in decision-making and change the rights.

Currently are developed the “Eco- Patrols” performance tools using the latest technologies. One of them has been developed jointly with the Yerevan Aarhus Center and was approved by CitizenLab 2017 implemented by Prague Civic Society Center.

The control of the first cell of “Eco- Patrols” network of Yerevan outdoor playgrounds will take over Mari Chakryan, chairwoman of the organization, member of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society (scholarship) within the framework of “Safe playground for your and my children” initiative.

This project has been approved within the framework of the support for implementation of the initiatives of civil society activists in the Eastern Partnership region, with the aim of expanding the role of the public sector in raising transparency and accountability at the local, national, regional and international levels.

Within the framework of the “Safe Playground for Your and My Children” project, the eco-patrols will conduct monitoring, record the situation, examine the legal framework to find out which structures are responsible for the installation, maintenance and control of outdoor playgrounds, the urban development norms will be studied as well as will be conducted monitoring of the ecological situation.

Based on all these, a full set of playgrounds state will be created, and the concerned stakeholder group will make recommendations for improving the situation.

Any concerned person can join to the “Eco- Patrols” and have a small, but decisive contribution to the improvement of the environment and security.

“Public Awareness and Monitoring Center” NGO