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Has been opened “Armenian fruit: from blossom to fruit” “mellow” exhibition

On the occasion of the International Day of Forests, in the lobby of the UN Office in Armenia was opened “Armenian fruit: from blossom to fruit” photo exhibition of Galust Nanyan, advisor to the RA Minister of Nature Protection, agro-ecologist, photograph.

According to the author the exhibition was opened for the second time and this time for a longer period will be shown in public. “I’ve made the photos at the all provinces of the RA, including the capital. For example, I’ve shot apricot bud in March, waited until it riped, grew, in order to shut it fruit.

For instance, for taking photos of a medlar I reached to “Shikahogh” State Reserve and for a rosehip to “Arevik” National Park. The 30% of photos I have shot in our garden (Echmiadzin region), “the author said, and added:
“The most important are not the blossoms but the fruits that arise as a result. Like the human: the child is not important, but what kind of man he will become in the future. I would like to convey this idea. “According to Armine Halajyan, head of the Public Information Department of the UN Office in Yerevan the forests and trees should be treated with great care so that no harm wil be posed to nature and people. “It is particularly important to fruit trees, those are represented in the exhibition.”

The exhibition will run until 10th April.

After the exhibition opening Galust Nanyan also conducted an environmental training for secondary school students of Argavand village of Ararat region. The theme was not only the forests of Armenia, but also specially protected natural areas, the latter also referred to the Aarhus Convention and the activity in which is engaged the public environmental information Aarhus Center in Ararat.

At the end of the exhibition Mr. Nanyan donated the “Forest goods” and “Green Armenia” illustrated books to the school administration, which are about the rich biodiversity of Armenia.

Translated by Anush Beybutyan