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“Reflection of the requirements of the Aarhus and Espoo conventions at the RA legislation,” discussion


espoo1On February 24, on the invitation of “Civil Voice” NGO a discussion was held under the theme “Reflection of the requirements of the Aarhus and Espoo conventions at the RA legislation,” the reporter was N. Vardanyan, director of “Forests of Armenia” NGO, ecologist lawyer.
The speaker presented her expert analysis on the inconsistencies of the Aarhus Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters and the Espoo Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context with the RA legislation.

The mentioned issues were discussed on the basis of practical examples.

Mrs. Vardanyan highlighted the lack of environmental impact assessment of climate change on human health in our country citing the example of the position of the Ministry of Health regarding the EIA document of Amulsar gold mine: – “We have no comment or a suggestion.”


According to the speaker, as long as the RA government, according to the legal requirement, has not confirmed the ENVSEC assessment methodology, which is a binding document, the all expertise conclusions made after 2014 will be considered invalid. More detailed information is available at the analysis addressed to the Secretariat of Espoo Convention.

It was decided to establish a working group which will periodically identify and develop appropriate recommendations for improving the inconsistencies of the above mentioned conventions with the national legislation and submit them to the relevant bodies.

Mary Chakryan,
Head of “Public Awareness and Monitoring Center” NGO
Translated by Anush Beybutyan