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“Consumers Support Center” NGO promotes domestic production and the process of making Armenian brands more recognizable
From November 10 to 30, the consumers could vote for their favorite local brands at www.armbrand.am website. This voting takes place every year since 2012 under the title, “National brand №1 in Armenia”.
On December 16, at the “Armenian Brands platform” in “Tashir” trade center took place the press conference of fourth annual final “National Brand №1 in Armenia- 2016″ award, during which were announced award-winning brands in 10 categories.
Ashot Mirzoyan, head of “Consumers Support Center” NGO announced the names of the winners in 10 categories (beer, bread, spices, shoes, etc.) and handed certificates to their owners.

This year the competition National brand №1 was exclusive since letter of thanks were given to the media, “Novosti Armenia” and “Noyan Tapan” news agencies for their support and proper coverage of the award ceremony. At the end was held the traditional lottery of gifts for voters.

Randomly the first successful winner was Mari Chakryan, the editor of www.aarhus.am to whom was given gifts by “Alex textile” brand, the winner of the “textile” nomination.

In addition to 5 lucky ones additional gifts were also received 3 voters, including Silva Ayvazyan, Coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center.

They have participated in the online voting for the encouragement and support of local producers to make the brands more recognizable.

“It was a great surprise for me, when from hundreds of voters’ were brought the name of my colleague, then mine.

“We are collaborating with the “Consumers Support Center” NGO for a long time and welcome their efforts to provide adequate information to consumers in Armenia and encouragement of local production, “said Silva Ayvazyan in the conversation with us.

This award ceremony is open to anybody and everybody can enter and vote for their preferred brand. It is important that the consumers trust local producers and prefer their products.
Taking into account that this year 650 people participated in the voting, the initiators hope that the award will have a greater response among the public and in the next few years will be a higher percentage of voting participation.

Details in the press release.