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Effective Accountability of Enterprises
On the initiative of “Public awareness and monitoring center” NGO and Yerevan Aarhus Centre, with the support of the Ministry of Nature Protection, a consultative seminar was held in Yerevan Aarhus Center for the representatives of the organizations operating in the RA and paying environment protection and utilization fees. It was entitled “Effective accountability of enterprises.”
The workshop agenda included a number of issues regarding the process of provision of air emission permits, environmental and nature management fees calculating mechanisms, the order of wastes passports, the rates of fees provided for waste disposal and inspections.

Noteworthy was the main item of the agenda: the validation process of the Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR), in particular the involvement of economic entities in the National Register process. Participants were representatives of “Zangezur Copper Molybdenum Combine”, “Geo Pro Mining”, “Lydian International”, “Armenal”, “Pure Iron”, “Ararat Cement”, “Hrazdan cement”, “Hrazdan TPP companies, mainly the environmentalists.

Apart from receiving information about envisaging amendments and news of the field representatives of the consulting seminar also raised and discussed with them issues of concern with the responsible officials of the MNP’s respective departments. They raised a number of issues with regard to the contradictions existing in the legislation of the field, legal acts or regulations, and made proposals.

Marzpetuni Kamalyan, deputy head of the State Environmental Inspectorate agreeing with the issues raised, informed that steps were being taken towards these issues and would be normalized soon, moreover, currently being developed the draft law on the issuance of Complex permits, by which all problems will be solved.

Hasmik Saroyan, head of the Division of air emissions and delivery permits of ozone layer depleting substances presented information on the process of issuing permits for atmospheric emissions. She noted that it is necessary to pass to electronic version of issuing permits, which would significantly contribute to simplification of the process.

Nune Hovhannisyan, National Coordinator of the PRTR Protocol presented the PRTR Protocol to the participants of the consultative workshop and harmful chemical substances included in it subject to publication.

The latter presented how should be the national register in appearance and content, why it is important in terms of making more transparent the work of enterprises and providing reliable information on environmental pollution to the public.

Most of the participants assured that they are ready to provide the necessary information as they provide them somehow in different formats to the relevant departments of the MNP or the National Statistical Service.

But they also noted about the risk regarding the publications of this information, arguing that the public is not yet ready for such information, the data to be published may be speculated by NGOs and become a matter of any panic or rumors among the public.

Mary Chakryan
Website responsible editor
Translated by Anush Beybutyan