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Two years later again has been raised the Fioletovo gold mine exploitation issue
Two years ago Fioletovo village residents were surprised when accidentally became aware that there was a gold mine nearby their village, which some people want to exploit. They have applied to Stepanavan Aarhus Centre, in order to make a request for reliable information and expert assistance regarding the mine operation.

With the help of the Center coordinator they addressed a letter to the relevant instances as well as, the head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan, presenting their concerns and fears.

Through the agency of the OSCE Ambassador and the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia the issue raised received a solution, suspended the opening of the mine
(http://aarhus.am/?page_id=8480), meanwhile were continued rumors that the suspension was temporary (http://aarhus.am/?page_id=8840&lang=en).

Two years later was restarted the “Gold Rush.

“This information was very surprised and frustrated the villagers, as they have already expressed their negative opinion on the project, that they were not going to hand over their ancestral fertile lands, did not want to change their lifestyle and culture and would not allow to contaminate water to his village, air and soil .

They have repeatedly said that they are not going to leave their homes, and will continue to work, creating prosperity for people of our country.

Today the residents informed us that the authors of the mine exploitation project are promising them mountains saying. “Two years have passed, please consider carefully.”

They promise residents 20% of the mine’s profits, assuring that the mine will be operated in a closed mode and so on.

On December 7, at 12 am, the mine owners will arrive from Hrazdan to Fioletovo to submit their project to residents. On the scale of Armenia this problem perhaps seem a small one but it endangered the existence of life of the Russian people living in consolidated way, regained their second homeland.

For centuries, built comfortable and peaceful residence with their own hands in this picturesque corner, the natural course of life of these hard-working and disciplined people suddenly can be deflected, because of the entrepreneurs suffering from gold fever and reckless attitude of decision makers.

Manya Melikjanyan
Coordinator of Stepanavan Aarhus Center
Editor: Mari Charkyan
Translated by Anush Beybutyan