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Solid Basis of Ecological Upbringing in Ararat 3rd Primary School


Within the framework of cooperationofthe 3rd primary school in the city of Araratand AraratAarhus Centre,on December 1, on the initiative of the school administration, a meeting was held with GalustNanyan, coordinator of the Aarhus Center.

The meeting was also attended by HaykanushHovhannisyan, head of “Green Planet” NGO,operating in thecityof Ararat.During the meeting an agreement was reached to launch environmental courses for high school students.
The Aarhus Center coordinator made a proposalregarding the activation ofthe ecological education at school, with the expectation that as aresult of the cooperation an environmental groupwill be formed from the students, which will also become a volunteer group of Ararat Aarhus Center.

GoharHovhannisyan,director of the School marked that soonwill be launched the official website of the school.The Aarhus Center coordinator is tasked to prepare the students involved in the above mentioned group as young journalists for the school official website, to convey them news writing and photography skills.


GalustNanyan also informed that an individual course on the Aarhus Convention pillars will be held with the participation of the most knowledgeable experts on the implementation of the Convention in Armenia.

It is planned that in the next yearthe school andArarat Aarhus center jointly will carry outa number of environmental measures, including an environmental videoconference for theyoung naturalists of the school and tree planting, photography exhibitions and etc. with one of such groups operating in the schools abroad.

Galust Nanyan
Ararat Aarhus Center Coordinator
Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translated by AnushBeybutyan