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Environmental issues of the region have been discussed in Ararat regional council
During the meeting of Ararat Aarhus Center Coordinator with the executives of the Department of Agriculture and Environment of Ararat regional council have been discussed environmental issues of the region, as well as, the socio-economic development program for 2015-2018, on environmental issues and strategy of Ararat region of Armenia, approved two years ago by the RA Government.

The Centre coordinator and Haykaz Terteryan, head of the Environmental Department discussed in detail the environmental activities implemented so far, especially the effective use of Ararat artesian drainage basin, pasture lands, air basin and land resources.

A reference was made to the exploitation of non-metal mines of the region and the problems emerging as a result of it.

The coordinator also presented the activity carried out by Ararat Aarhus Center during the last two months, and, according to the designed plans, what projects should be implemented in the future. The latter especially highlighted the importance of environmental education of the public.

The head of department welcomed a series of environmental studies carried out by the Center and stressed the importance of engaging Ararat Aarhus Center programs throughout the province: Masis, Vedi, Artashat and Ararat regions. He thanked the Centre coordinator for close cooperation with the Department specialists and exchange of environmental information.

At the end of the discussion, the participants agreed to make their meetings frequent and try to find solutions for environmental challenges.

Galust Nanyan
Ararat Aarhus Center Coordinator
Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translator: Anush Beybutyan