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Ararat Aarhus Center will cooperate with the Municipality of Masis
Galust Nanyan, coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center yesterday met with David Hambardzumyan, newly-elected mayor of Masis in order to discuss the center’s activities and the programs to be implemented in future.

The mayor Masis of welcomed the Centre’s activity in the region and presented the numerous environmental problems existing in the city of Masis, such as the lack of green spaces, the landfill situated nearby the community, the poor supply of the drinking water, and the poor water quality etc.

“The landfill is located very close to the town of Masis, it covers about 10 hectares. The company dealing with garbage collection received a patent for 99 years, but observations show that the existence of such a landfill causes damage to the surrounding environment and human health. Works are carried out to break off the contract with the renter, and try to find the right solution, even to determine a new place for the landfill and remove the landfill from the city,” said Mayor Hambardzumyan to the coordinator of the center.

Also referring to the problem of drinking water, the mayor noted that today the water is supplied to the locals of Masis in a very poor quality and only a couple of hours.

The mayor noted that the city’s sewage system, storm sewers and drainage systems nearly don’t exist, and there is also a lot of work in that respect. The letter expressed the wish that such a center would be opened in Masis in order try to find solutions to the existing environmental problems as result of healthy and close cooperation.

Mr. David Hambardzumyan informed the Centre coordinator that it was planned to start a series of environmental workshops in secondary schools in the town of Masis, which was well- received.

Galust Nanyan
Coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center
Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translated by Anush Beybyutyan