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The first environmental open class wasconducted in Goravan School
On November 18, Ararat Aarhus Centre conductedthe first environment course in Goravanmain school, which was attended by over 50 pupilsof 9th, 10th and 11th gradesand representativesof teaching staff of the school.
Before the training through specially createdapplications the Ararat Aarhus Center coordinator tried to figure outhow many of the participants took part in such courses, and what environmental issues concerned them.
It was turned out that none of the participants participated in environmental courses and the respondents and school administration have expressed hope that such courses would be continuous in their community.

The main topic of the course wasthe current situation of “Goravan Sands” State Sanctuary; the coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Centre spoke about the natural treasure of the village and how to take goodcare of the protected area, which in the case of good managementcan bring benefits to the community.

The trainer informed about the vertebratesdisappeared from the sanctuary, including Dali mouse, as well as presented the insects and plants threatened with extinction.

The training instructor also referred to the Aarhus Convention and environmental issues of Ararat.

Then, the school administration and the Aarhus Centre Coordinator discussed future bilateral cooperation, environmental training topics and agreed that the next meeting would not be too late, and environmental courseswill also be held for students on water and air basins issues in Ararat region, as well as “VordanKarmir” and “KhorVirap”State Sanctuaries.

Galust Nanyan
Ararat Aarhus Center Coordinator
Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translated by AnushBeybutyan