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Future environmentalists form Vedi high school
Ararat Aarhus Center started a series of environmental training courses, within the framework which GalustNanyan, coordinator of the center met with 12th grade studentsof Vedi high school.
During the course,at firstthe coordinator presented attendeesthe Aarhus Convention, then the Ararat region’s environmental problems and possible ways of their solution. Afterwards the trainer spokeabout the current state of “Goravan Sands’ State Sanctuary situated nearby the town of Vedi.
At the end of the course, more than 40 studentsraised issues concerned themthrough an interactive question and answer, to which were given exhaustive answers.

The attendees expressed the hope that Ararat Aarhus Centerwill continue the series of courses on environmental issues andpresent them the issues very important for their region: landfills, atmospherebasin and land area.

A suggestionalsowas made to create an environmental group in the high schoolwith the support of the Aarhus Center coordinator.Vedi high school students presenteda posterprepared by themwith the inscription “Don’t pollute the Nature”to the Aarhus Center.

Galust Nanyan
Ararat Aarhus Center Coordinator
Translated by: Anush Beybutyan