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Restoration Government Program of “Goravan Sands” State Sanctuary has been carried out partially
On the initiative of the coordinator of Ararat Public Environmental Information Aarhus Centre a meeting was held with Arsen Bazikyan, head of Goravan community of Ararat province. With the latter the coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Centre discussed environmental issues of the community and referred to the existing problems of “Goravan Sands” State Sanctuary situated nearby the community.
Mr. Bazikyan, head of the community informed the coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center that the pressing problem for the community still remained the atmosphere pollution, water scarcity, as well as demolition of riverbed protective rails of Vedi River running nearby the border, which has been damaged

in recent years because of spring floods and every year, in springs causes damage to the nearby lands.

Then with the community leader was discussed the current state of “Goravan Sands” State Sanctuary, detailed discussions were held on the RA Government Program on Restoration works of “Goravan Sands” State Sanctuary in 2013-2015, in order to clarify what work has been done till now at the above mentioned specially protected natural area according to the plan (the program is attached)
(the program is attached).

It was found out that the program did not become a reality except for installation of two sign boards informing about the area being a wildlife preserve, whereas, according to the above mentioned project 50 posters, sign boards and landmarks should be placed at the area. Demarcation and fencing also not carried out.

An agreement was reached with the village head and administration of Goravan secondary school to conduct an environmental- information course for school students about specially protected areas and environmental issues in the Ararat region.

At the end of the meeting, the coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Centre accompanied by Mr. Bazikyan, head of the community visited “Goravan Sands” State Sanctuary, to get acquainted with the current state of the protected area.

Galust Nanyan
Coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center
Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translated by Anush Beybutyan