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Consultative Meeting in Vedi Municipality

The coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center had several meetings in Vedi Municipality of Ararat province. Firstly the coordinator met with Albert Saroyan, deputy mayor of Vedi, spoke about the environmental problems of the community, after which the meeting continued with the specialists of general department of the same municipality, where in those days were preparing and developing the five-year development plan for the town of Vedi for the next 2017-2021 years.
Prior to referring to the new five-year plan, the coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Centre tried to understand with what program has been developed the city of Vedi so far and what environmental problems was included in that document, to which the

municipality should give solutions until 2016.

It was revealed that for the town of Vedi still remained on the agenda the damage caused to the surrounding environment by Ararat cement plant, which caused contamination of community lands and atmospheric air with various harmful substances.”All the lands in Vedi have crossed the threshold of the high level of pollution (TAR = 32-128),” -is mentioned in the development program of the town of Vedi.In the new community development projects as a priority was set the issue of expansion of green areas and reconstruction of water pipelines for irrigation.

The green area for per inhabitant of the town of Vedi is 7.5 square meters, which is 2-2,2 times less than the prescribed criteria. According to statistics, the community has 50 000 square meters of green zone.

There are 1200 trees and 200 shrubs both at the park adjacent to the monument, as well as along the streets, nearby the administrative building of municipality, in the Central Park and elsewhere. The total length of irrigation water pipelines amounted to 1850 meters.

“Because of the decomposition of internal irrigation network built in the 1980s, the green areas have gradually decreased. During the last 2 years with the efforts of the community it was possible to repair 150m segment of irrigation network with polyethylene pipes (cost 2 million), the protective and ecological function of green plantations of the city is at the edge of destruction, for the creation of which was spent the efforts of several generations and budgetary resources. “- said the mayor.

Back in 2015, a restoration project of 3 498 m irrigation network has been prepared, which would enable to irrigate and rehabilitate 10 hectares of green area.

“It is envisaged to build the new network taking into account the modern technologies of water and energy efficiency, to reduce natural consumption resources and the cost of irrigation directing budgetary savings funds for the expansion of plantations.”

With regard to waste management issues, according to the information provided by Vedi municipality, the total area of garbage disposal and sanitary cleaning of streets, squares, sidewalks, yards and other institutions is amounted to 52 782 square meters.

The garbage collection works in the city of Vedi is carried out by the “Pure Land” specialized organization. The sanitary cleaning (including in winter months) works are performed by Vedi municipal utility service.

At the end an agreement was reached that the coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center also should participate in the public hearings and discussions preceding the adoption of the five-year program.

Galust Nanyan
Coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center
Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translated by Anush Beybutyan