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Demonstrating proper behavior during disasters the children will be safe and more protected


kapan_10_11_3On November 8, a seminar under the theme “DRR education, application of child-centered approaches in DRR processes, child protection, first psychological aid available for children during emergencies ” was held in Kapan Aarhus Center.

The seminar was organized within the framework of “Disaster Risk Reduction Inclusive” (DRR) program, in partnership with the European Commission’s humanitarian aid and civil protection department, “Save the Children” Armenian representation and ARNAP Foundation.

Mr. Vahe Hakobyan, Syunik regional governor wished success to organizers and participants of the event highlighting the issues of protection of children, including those with special needs, provision of child safety.

The program was presented by A. Barseghyan, the Acting Director of ARNAP Foundation. “Child-centered DRR approach in disaster risk reduction is an innovative approach that enables children and youth to make life safer and their communities more resilient to disasters. It helps children to express their views and defend their rights,” he mentioned.

Thus, the children, having decision-making right and participating in DRR management, having their contribution in the field development, decision-making in different situations and development of mode of action skills and identify the quality of a child’s future, involving children in making DRR management processes and decisions, becomes possible to ensure their better preparedness for disasters.

Under the project is expected to have a safe environment, which will give children safe and carefree childhood opportunity, demonstrate correct behavior during the disasters, which will help children to orientate during disasters, as a result of which will be reduced the likelihood of damage to their home, school and community.

During the discussion of the topics presented during the seminar many issues were raised related to the maintenance of the required standards in schools, engaging high school students in the working groups, the lack of shelters in the city of Kapan and other issues. Attention was paid to the fact that in the project of the new school currently being built is not available the shelter, which violates the norms.

The event was attended by the regional governor of Syunik, head of staff of Syunik Regional Administration, representatives of local government departments on Family, Women and Children Affairs, social, health, urban development, education issues, Syunik SRD Ministry of Emergency Situations and other responsible persons.

The Aarhus Center provided the platform, technical resources and internet service.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Center

Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translated by Anush Beybutyan