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Training Course for Agricultural Consultants: Ararat
On October 21, within the framework of the “Educational and development program for state consulting services” component of the Technical assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture contract: ENPARD, Ararat Agriculture Support Regional Center has invited a number of agricultural consultants to a training course in Ararat Public Environmental Information Aarhus Center.
This project is funded by the EU and implemented by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.
Note that the agricultural consulting system today is quite diverse and consists of actors in the public and private sector as well as international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

State consulting system is predominantly represented via RASC and MASC 10 networks, which were founded in order to provide professional consulting and information services to agricultural farms. Agricultural Support Regional Centers are mostly financed from the state budget, as well as other sources of funding (approximately 7%).

The topics included in the training course were related to the plant breeding and climate change, disaster risk reduction and adaptive technologies which were taught by Ara Hovhannisyan and Albert Markosyan.

According to the speakers the aim of the training was to enhance organizational and technical capacities of consultants of MASCs. As a result of training, the consultants would gain skills that will enable them to utilize information and knowledge for the benefit of farmers, rural communities and, ultimately, to achieve effective changes in Armenia’s population.

Finally, an active discussion on the topics presented was held; the trainers answered the questions concerning the participants.

Galust Nanyan
Coordinator of Ararat Aarhus Center

Translated by Anush Beybutyan