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Kapan Aarhus Center is a platform for training civil servants
From October 24, a 9-day training course for municipal servants was launched in Kapan Aarhus Center, with the participation of 20 community workers from 6 rural communities of Kapan, Kajaran, and Sisian.

On the agenda was the RA legislation defining jurisdiction of the local government (LG), in particular the legal basis regulating the relationship with the staff of urban or rural municipality, as an administrative institution, and commercial and non-profit organizations of budgetary institutions under the community supervision and transparency of local government activities.

According to an agreement reached on November 3, the last day of training, the topics on information about the publicity: what is the information and freedom of information, the Aarhus Convention, the methods to receive and provide information and the grounds for refusal of information requests would be conducted by the Aarhus Centre Coordinator.

The Aarhus Centre, highlighting such trainings of civil servants in terms of improving management at the local supported to the training via providing a venue and necessary technical means.

Ashot Avagyan
Coordinator of Kapan Aarhus Center
Translated by Anush Beybutyan