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Mirak village residents supposed that the regular tailing dump was constructed


News_miraq_30_09The residents of Mirak community of Aragatsotn region alerted, that construction works are carried out on the 4th km of the road leading to Mirak. This fact was bothered the locals, they supposed that the construction was associated with “Mego Gold” mining company.

Note, that in 2015 “Mego Gold” Company has submitted “Re-equipment of Ore Dressing Plant of Tukhmanuk Gold Mine Mining Complex, Aragatsotn Region, protection dam of the tailing dump and temporary dry warehouse of tails” project.

The residents were concerned that likely a tailing dam was going to be built at the abovementioned area, as the area corresponding to the tailings dam construction project.

Responding to alarms, “For the Nature” NGO visited Mirak village, learned about the problem and made an official inquiry requesting the Ministry of Nature Protection to provide information, to find out what works are carried out in the above-mentioned area and what connection has “Mego Gold” with that work.

In response to our letter to Nature Protection Ministry informed that the above-mentioned construction has not undergone an EIA expertise. We have also learned verbally that at the mentioned territory restoration works of the irrigation network were undertaken.

At this moment, there is no any construction work. But the fact once again proves that the community should be aware of the planned or proposed actions at the earliest stages, be informed and involved in decision-making even concerning minor details.

Prepared by Hamlet Smoyan
Editor: Mari Chakryan