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Eco-Educational Training for Students of Kapan Youth Media Development Research Center


kapan_news_24_09_16_1On September 22, a seminar was held at the Aarhus Center in Kapan for young students of Media Development Research Center under the theme “The Aarhus Convention”.

The coordinator, welcomed the students and thanked the head for holding joint eco-training, briefly presented the activities of the Center, achievements and results obtained jointly with the public, then introduced the three pillars of the Aarhus Convention, their application, focusing on the environmental information content and acquisition of rights.

There was also presented brief information on the Armenian Aarhus Centres, their activities, goals and objectives. The participants learned how to get information from the website of the Aarhus Centres and provide information to the Aarhus Centres.

As they held journalism training, the center coordinator suggested using www.aarhus.am website as a platform to raise their questions and disseminate their observations relating to the environmental protection.

The students were provided with “Whom to appeal and how to deal when are violated your environmental rights and interests” information papers published by “Blejan” NGO. kapan_news_24_09_16_2
The students asked to provide information about the negative effects of plastic items on the nature.

Ashot Avagyan, center coordinator, answering some questions, promised to provide detailed information on the topic in the next meeting, meanwhile offering to conduct their own study through the Internet and the literature available at the center.Concluding the seminar, responding to the recommendations of youth of the city of Kapan, teachers and media development research center, he both at the Aarhus Center and the Media Center expressed readiness to organize other seminars on environmental topics.

Ashot Avagyan
Kapan Aarhus Center
Transliation by Anush Beybutyan