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Qualified fast flowing irrigation water to HPP owners, poor network to gardeners

The news about the construction of the HPP on the fast flowing irrigation system nearby Ohanavan and Karbi villages of Aragatsotn province fed by Aparan reservoir had raised a storm of protest among local villagers. They were afraid that after the HPP …




If the SPANs New Strategy will contribute to the Conservation of Specially Protected Natural Areas

On March 17, public discussion of the draft document of “Strategy of Development of the Specially Protected Natural Areas of the RA and the National Action Program” was held…




Our City is our Home. Stapanavan

On March 11, Stepanavan Aarhus Centre organized a meeting –discussion entitled “Our city is our home” in Stepanavan Agricultural College. The meeting was began with the screening a video film about imposing…




The Heated Situation is continuing in Karbi and Ohanavan

On March 14, a group of residents of Karbi, Ohanavan of Aragatsotn Province and several other nearby villages, were gathered again to voice their concerns and anxieties in connection with the construction …




Repair of Fast Flowing Irrigation System, or Construction of a New HPP in Karbi and Ohanavan

It’s already ten days that a great wave of discontent has been raised among the residents of Karbi, Ohanavan and the surrounding villages of Aragatsotn province, the cause of which is the implementation…



Perspectives of Sustainable Development of Hydropower Industry in Armenia: Discussion

Economic and environmental programs department of the OSCE Office in Yerevan initiated an event entitled prospects of sustainable development of hydropower sector …




Amendments were made in “Khachaghbyur 2″ SHPPs draft to the detriment of nature

On February 17, public hearings on the amended working project of “Khachaghbyur-2” SHHP submitted by “Megaenergy” LLC was held in Getahovit community of Tavush …


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Public Hearings on Dilijan Wastewater Treatment Plant

On February 18, Dilijan Aarhus Center held a public hearing regarding Dilijan wastewater treatment plant design documents …




On the traces of Alarm: Meeting with Meliq village residents

On February 15, an unprecedented extensive discussion took place in Melikgyugh community of Aragatsotn province with the …




Alarm from Melikgyugh

On February 11, Aparan Aarhus Center received an alarm from a group of residents of Melikgyugh community of Aragatsotn province on a case of environmental right violation…


Model OSCE


Coordinator of Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center- the Model OSCE Youth Ambassador

The OSCE is the world’s largest regional security organization. The OSCE views security as comprehensive and works to address the three dimensions of security – the politico-military, the economic and environmental,…




Inter-regional consultation meeting in Gavar on the theme ‘’Water and health’’

On the initiative of the ‘’Armenian women for health and healthy environment’’ NGO and by the financing of the ministry for foreign affairs of Finland consultation meeting on the theme ‘’Water and Health”…




Delegation headed by the Swiss Foreign Affairs State Secretary in Hrazdan Aarhus Center

On January 28, the delegation headed by Mr. Yves Rossier, Swiss Foreign Affairs State Secretary visited Hrazdan Aarhus Center to get acquainted with the activities, goals, achievements and obstacles…


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Working visit to Aparan Aarhus Center

On January 24, delegation headed by T. Dembski, Economic and Environmental Officer at the OSCE Office in Yerevan visited Aparan Aarhus Centre….




Lake Sevan trout resources restoration, or cheap fish production project

On January 15, Yerevan Aarhus Center served as a platform for discussion of the “Trout resources restoration and fish production development complex program in Lake Sevan” draft proposed by the Armenian Harvest Promotion Center (AHPC)…