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Mobility Week is launched in Europe


aarhusnews_19_09_2EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK takes place every year from 16 to 22 September, with the aim of encouraging European municipalities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite people to try out alternatives to car use.
First European Mobility Week was held in 2002. Since then, the number of participants continues to grow in Europe and around the world. In 2015 over 1900 cities from 45 countries took part in the events organized within the framework of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK.

The theme of this year is ‘Smart and sustainable mobility – an investment for Europe’. The culmination of the week is the Car-Free Day, during which designated areas of towns and cities are closed to car traffic and open only for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. The campaign serves to encourage and inspire those involved, to think about more long-term, permanent changes that could be made to improve transport.

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is encouraging local politicians and the public being the witness of smart and sustainable mobility to follow the slogan of the movement “Smart Mobility, Strong Economy”.
Those wishing to participate can register their project or activity in the following link: www.mobilityweek.eu .

Prepared by Anush Beybutyan
Editor: Mari Chakryan
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