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The Aarhus Centers Participation in the Process of Making Communities Resilient to Disasters

From February 2, 2016, financing by the OSCE Office in Yerevan, on the efforts of ARNAP Foundation and in cooperation with the Armenian Environmental Information Public Aarhus Centres has been launched “Strengthening the Capacities of Aarhus Centres in Disaster Risk Reduction to Enhance Awareness of Local Communities” pilot project, which aimed at developig the ACs capacity, enhancing their role, at the same time to support with joint efforts Chambarak, Vahan and Khachik communities in disaster risk reduction and processes to create resilient to disasters communities.
Within the project again have been conducted training courses for AC coordinators, afterwards the AC coordinators have joined supporting the implementation of the program.

Along with the launch of the project, the project team members and the representative of the OSCE Office in Yerevan had meetings with two provincial governors and deputy regional governors coordinating the field, with community leaders and members of the City Councils; have presented the project, goals and results after which have been started the main works of the program.

After training the coordinators of Gavar and Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Centers have participated in the collection of secondary data in the communities, had meetings with representatives of all the services operating in the community and filled questionnaires. Then, in collaboration with the “Lore” rescue team NGO, they also participated in the data analysis.

In order to reveal the dangers threaten the communities, identify vulnerable objects and the communities’ capacities, during the program were held meetings with members of community councils and civil defense teams.

As a result of the project is expected to have analyzed DRR passports of communities, which will form the basis for the inclusion of DRR aimed actions in the community development four-year programs.
A very important element of the project is the installation of horn alarm systems in Chambarak and Khachik communities which will be directly linked to both regional and national CMCs.

The choice of acquisition and installation of the alarm system will be carried out by the OSCE with the appropriate experts of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations until completion of the project: on May 15.

The project progress and results were presented in the meeting of all sides of “Strengthening the Capacities of Aarhus Centres in Disaster Risk Reduction to Enhance Awareness of Local Communities” two-year project held on April 7-9 in Vienna.


Lianna Asoyan
Coordinator of Gavar Aarhus Center
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Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translator: Anush Beybutyan