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Discussion of NGOs participation mechanisms in “Support Program for Protected Areas- Armenia” project in Kapan Aarhus Center


Kapan_30_03_2On March 25, a working meeting was held with the staff of “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” project and NGOs of Syunik Marz in Kapan Aarhus Centre. On the agenda were further activities of the program, mechanisms of involvement of NGOs, discussion of suggestions and opinions.

Welcoming participants, the Aarhus Centre coordinator wished success to the program implementation and expressed NGOs willingness to take part in the program planning works and discussion of mechanisms of NGOs involvement.

Kapan_30_03_1Ramaz Gokhelashvili, head of the project management team presented the five-year work plan of the project and suggested NGOs representatives to submit proposals regarding the plan.

Participants asked many questions about the implementation of the program, referring to the relevant pillars of the Aarhus Convention, once again asked for the text of the contract and the budget in the Armenian language in order to understand what is envisaged under the program and to be able to make suggestions and opinions, become fully involved in planning the future program works.

The Aarhus Center Coordinator proposed to provide the center the above mentioned information in Armenian language, in order to disseminate it through the local network of the center, to cover arising issues with the management of the program if necessary. An initial discussion was held on mechanisms of involvement of NGOs in the program works.

As a result an agreement was reached to provide the document developed and submitted during the meeting in Armenian version to the Aarhus center as soon as possible in order to collect opinions and suggestions of NGOs.

On April 4, a decision was made to organize a new working meeting in the Aarhus Center in order to discuss opinions shaped by NGOs during the interim period based on the Armenian version of the document.

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