Historical monuments in the region of Melikgyugh

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The analysis was carried out by the order of “Blejan” NGO

Studying peculiarities of “Toukhmanuk” mine exploitation we found out that Melikgyugh was founded in the first half of the 17th century by a nobleman named Melik, who was emigrated from the Western Armenia in all likelihood from Erzurum. In the state registry are registered the following historical monuments: a tombstone was made in 1680, cross-stones of 11th, 12th and 17th centuries, cemeteries of 19-20th centuries, St John Church- of the year of 1891, a monument to the victims 2nd World War, as well as unregistered standing stones, a dragon, a mule, ruins of a Cyclopean castle. The main occupation of the villagers is cattle breeding and vegetable-growing such as cabbage, potatoes, beet, there are always apple orchards.

The permit for Toukhmanuk mine exploitation was granted in 2006 for a period of 8 years. It turned out that that by the order of the Minister of Nature Protection in the spring of 2009 had been made chemical analyzes of the samples taken from the 1st and 2nd tailing dumps, which numerical results we were not able to obtain.

On February 24, a cognitive visit was organized to Melikgyugh community; meetings had been held with the new mayor in order to describe once again the aftereffects of the mine further operation at a professional level. Had been also discussed the issue of the possible installation of the 3rd tailing dump. An agreement was reached to organize meeting-discussions in mid-March with the participation of farmers, as an opposition party, and specialists of “Global Gold” company. In this regard, have been printed two-color posters: “not to the third tailing dump” and used in the meeting and in making video. Now the poster is in Yerevan Aarhus Center.

On March 14, according to the in advance drawn up plan, a visit was organized to Melikgyugh and carried out a detailed discussion on the damages of the mine. There had been a sharp debate with the representatives of the mine management, which was completed with the convincing victory of the environmentalists and had been recorded by the villagers. As a result of the meeting have been made several video clips, which were posted on the internet as well as have been screened in the Liberty Square. All these measures have refreshed the public’s attention towards Toukhmanuk. As well as gave new strength to the villagers, showing that they are not alone in their struggles.

Melikgyugh monuments

Melikgyugh monuments

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St John Church


tombstone of Meliq






Monument to the victims 2nd World War





17-20 centuries


11-12 centuries



In the northern part ofIn the middle of the village





northern part



middle of the village

At the edge of the village, in the area of the cemetery.master builder- Avag Avdibegtsi put in the North wall of the church,

tombstone of the Village founder Meliq

In the northern and eastern sides of the church.

In the south edge of the cemetery, lying on the ground, the upper right angle  is broken

Eastern edge, in the hill


The defensive zones boundaries of the monuments are not been determined yet. This is extremely important, because the zones are putting additional restrictions on economic activities. It should be noted that the studies cannot be considered valuable and complete as the roads leading to the tailing dams were closed due to the snow, which did not allow taking additional samples (fish, frog and biological tests) and certainly it was very necessary.

Gagik Sukhudyan,Expert

28 march 2013