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The information on the net and cage fish farm impact on the lake built by the pilot program by “Emifruit” LLC near Shorzha is not yet available to the public


Gavar_03_02In 2013 “Emifrut” LLC built a net and cage fish farm by the pilot program in Lake Sevan near Shorzha. It is the first pilot program, the business plan in our reality, which positive or negative impact on the ecosystem has not been clarified before the start and there are many disagreements between the initiator and the public sector, including independent experts, to this day. Public discussions have not given a clear answer or professional opinion on this issue.

During the public hearings the representatives of the organization implementing the business plan and “SEVAN NP” SNGO have assured the public that after the fish farm exploitation, modern measuring equipments placed in the lake will give all the answers to these questions every day. During the first public hearings held on the project in Yerevan Aarhus Center, the representative of “SEVAN NP” even assured that he would personally follow the course of the measurements, and in case of even small deviations causing damage to the ecosystem, such activity would be suspended.

Although the term given to a pilot project has been completed, these data have not yet been publicly disclosed.
Moreover, the mentioned project implementation deadline of the contract was extended.

Taking into account the public interest Gavar Aarhus Center last June, has applied to the Ministry of Nature Protection still in June of the last year with the request to provide full information about the project’s impact on the ecosystem of the lake. A reply was received that the Ministry has implemented only hydrochemical monitoring of the Grand Lake area, and that the samplings were carried out in May 2015 and were still in the phase of studies.

Taking into account the interest of the public sector and the importance of the above mentioned data, on October 30, 2015 the center applied to the director of “SEVAN NP” SNGO again with the expectation to receive complete information on the monitoring results. Not getting a response within the time prescribed by the RA legislation and the Aarhus Convention the coordinator of the centre sent a double request to the director of the SNCO with the expectation eventually to receive the required information.

Mary Chakryan
Armenian Aarhus Centers press officer
E-mail: aarhusnews@gmail.com

Translated by Marine Mazmanyan