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05.12.2013 Civil Society Demands the RA General Prosecutor’s Office once again to subject to punishment and responsibility the all state authorities which are obliged to monitor- supervise- check out the activity of the “Global Gold”

meliq-320x250Mr. G. Kostanyan,
RA Prosecutor General

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

We are presenting to you the copies of our letters addressed to the RA president and A. Hovsepyan, the former attorney general during the past year and taking into account the importance of the situation for the region, perhaps for all of Armenia mentioned in the above stated request to assign to your respective divisions once again to refer to our concern, the raised issue and recommendations expressed in those letters and in this application. Our concern is primarily related to the negligent, criminally indifferent attitude assumed by the state authorities refer to the activities of “Global Gold Mining”/currently “GGCR Mining”/ Corporation already several years illegally carried out open cast mining particularly in Toukhmanuk mine of Aragatsotn province. The mineral developer up to the present has not submitted design documents of the mineral wealth exploitation as defined by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
The company had the right to carry out mining operations in the given mine only within a two- year period only in opencast method in accordance with the positive opinion endorsed project yet in 2006.
Since 2008 that period has expired, but in fact any control and supervision have not been carried out towards the company. Even have not been calculated and assessed the harmful effects caused by the mine operation upon the environment and human health. It should be noted that, according to the law switching from one method to another has been set a specific, complex, time consuming and extremely necessary and important process. In the case of Toukhmanuk, to that process should be rendered more watchful attitude, as the Toukhmanuk deposit is located in the mountainous region, on the water catchment -drainage system, which should be made inadmissible the operation of the mine in that area, and especially by the open cast method.
Presenting the description of the existing illegalities within the framework of our obtained information and clarifying its existence based on permissiveness, indifference, transgression and trespass of the state authorities we have filed our request to Mr. A. Hovsepyan:
under the criminal procedure to carry out investigation and to determine the existence of properties of criminal offenses in the actions of mine developer and governmental bodies having responsibility to exercise supervision over them (including the State Revenue Committee);
Under the criminal procedure to study the documents and facts represented by us, and as a result of the research to find out if whether those contain features of crimes specified by the Articles 291, 308 and 375 of the RA Criminal Code, (which, especially the articles 308 and 375, are included in the list of corruption offenses in accordance with the order N82, issued in 19.11.2008 by the RA General Prosecutor / amended N12, 19.03.2013, / ) ;
in case of violations to find out also the level of the guilt and responsibility of the responsible officials of the ministries of the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources of the RA and others as well as the state agencies and departments;
To evaluate the property damage caused to the state as a result of the mentioned actions and to initiate a civil case on the state interests protection
Till now, the General Prosecutor’s Office has not made any significant step forwards our main concerns (that is, to ascertain the existence of characteristics of criminal offences in the actions of state governmental bodies having responsibility to exercise check-control – supervision and subject them to responsibility).
In response to our 1st letter the General Prosecutor’s Office had informed us that the letter had been sent to the State Revenue Committee. But what connection has the SRC in filing criminal charges against the state authorities defaulting on their statutory obligations (including SRC), we did not receive any clarification.
Dear Mr. Prosecutor General, basing on the above mentioned we ask for your personal intervention in subjecting to responsibility the authorized government officials intentionally or unintentionally exercised criminally negligent attitude, connivance or inaction.

Adamyan, Coordinator of the Ecological Public Alliance
We are sending the attached letters.

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