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The symbol of 2016 is the Common Kestrel


kestrel1As a result of the annual public voting “Bird of Year” initiated by the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, gaining the majority of votes among the five candidates (2307 votes) the Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) has been recognized as the symbol bird for 2016.

The participants were given the opportunity to vote online at the website of the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, and in some regions papers were distributed supported by the Aarhus Centers.

The common kestrel is a pigeon-sized bird. Common kestrels measure 32–39 cm from head to tail, with a wingspan of 71–82 cm, weighting 120-280 grams. Male and female differs from each other in the color of head and feather covering. The bird has 22-24 years life span maximum. Those are widely spread in Europe, Asia (Western Areas) and North Africa.

Interestingly, the fact that it depends on the quantity of food and areal, however, some part of these birds is migrated, the other part hibernates in their habitats. These species of birds can be met in Armenia all throughout the year. For them, the most preferred are semi-desert, mountain, sub-alpine areas, can be met at the river valleys, often close to residential areas.

According to the specialists of the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, the intensive appropriation of lands for agricultural purposes and the use of pesticides, have negative effects on the reproductive ability of the birds.

The aim of “Bird of Year” initiative is to focus the attention of the Armenian population on the birds and problems of conserving their nesting habitats.

The Armenia ASPB would like to thank the all bird lovers for taking part in the vote.