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Discussion on the Yeghvard’s reservoir construction in Nor Yerznka community

In Yeghvard Aarhus Center continuous the discussions about the Yeghvard reservoir construction project.
On October 20 was held the first public “Improvement project of irrigation system in Yeghvard, preliminary assessment application of environmental impact” document discussion, where a number of meetings have been held with the participation of stakeholders discussed the results of the event as well as the further steps. In the result the parties agreed to implement awareness meetings in Yeghvard and Nor Yerznka communities.

First meeting was held on November 5 in Nor Yerznka community.

The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Nor Yerznka A. Harutyunyan, municipality workers, villagers as well as the representatives of Japan international agency cooperation, representatives of EIA organizers and coordinators of Yeghvard Aarhus Center.

“Yeghvard’s reservoir” project Officer Kh. Tsarukyan through presentation presented the detailed description of Yeghvard’s irrigation system improvement project.

Then was held an active discussion. Raised different problems, such as reservoir importance, significance, usefulness, reservoir depth, water pressure, water lines, land status, land distribution, land valuation, damage compensation, and land acquisition, transportation of soil layer, the feasibility study, the potential hazards of reservoir and other social issues.

When consultants asked about the environmental impact of the project they indicated that during reservoir construction works it is supposed some air pollution.

President of Nor Yerznka community A. Harutyunyan raised the question of strength of reservoir dam as the residents are worried about the possible risk of any natural phenomenon resulting the dam collapse. The project officers noted that the top priority issue is the safety of the dam, ensured that the dam will be constructed with high quality materials, taking into account a seismic stability and safety.

Reservoir Planning Officer Haruo Hiki in his speech noted that the researches are still being done to determine the feasibility of the project, also carried out geological studies and drillings.

Expressed gratitude to the community of Nor Yerznka for their support during the execution of the works.

Summing up the discussion, president of Nor Yerznka community A. Harutyunyan welcomed the community’s opinion about done and being done works.

Expressed confidence that the cooperation will be done and community concerns wil be achieved.

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