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Meeting with the youth of Vayk city on the topic of “Mapping of environmental issues of Vayk city”

On November 25 the coordinator of Yeghegnadzor’s environmental informational center Aarhus had
organized a meeting in Vayk Community Center on the topic of “Mapping of environmental issues of Vayk city”.
In the beginning of the meeting the participants were introduced with the environmental issues, which Armenia faces and which kind of solutions are existed to regulate this issue in the communities. Coordinator introduced the methods of environmental mapping and at the same time, speaker introduced the importance of mapping and how it is important, that each citizen needs to participate and recognizes about community mapping on environmental issues and will be concerned to know about the reasons, possible solutions, as well as will participate in decision-making
processes concerning to this topic.

With the active participation of attendees there were mapped the environmental issues of Vayk community. The discussed issues were: the possible exploitation of Azatek’s mine, the wastewater flows to Arpa River, which flows near the city, throwing garbage in public places, burning leaves all over the city. The meeting’s participants discussed the possible ways to solve these problems, especially those that need them to make a visible to the community and local government representatives.

Yeghegnadzor Aarhus center has further plans to organize similar meetings in other communities of Vayots Dzor region.

Mariam Mkrtchyan
Coordinator of Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center
Phone: (+374) 93 95 88 06 (+374) 77 778199
Email: ՝ info_yeghegnadzor@aarhus.am, hrachqocharyan@mail.ru, mkrtchyan.mariam7@gmail.com
Translated by Mariam Mkrtchyan