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The Armenian Aarhus Centers 4th Working Meeting

It was held the 4th annual working meeting of the Armenian Aarhus Centers. On the agenda were issues regarding training courses, discussion of topical and current working issues.
Mr. Artur Nikogosyan, professor of Gyumri State Pedagogical University, expert of natural philosophy presented the esoteric and sophistic perceptions of environmental problems according to George Gurdjieff, the disclosure of which would allow understanding environmental issues in a unique way and finding new ways to live in harmony with nature and mitigate day by day sharpening environmental problems.
The second thematic course, which was related to disaster risk reduction through knowledge, was presented by Nver Poghosyan.

This lecture was important as risk related information, i.e. before disaster information for possession of minimum information on what dangers are there in our country, what risks arising from them.

According to the speaker, to mitigate the impact and aftereffects of disasters is essentially necessary to learn the rules, have the appropriate knowledge and act organized during disasters.

As the theme continuation was important the meeting with general-colonel Nikolay Grigoryan, deputy director of the Rescue Service of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations. He presented the idea of creation of the “Emergency Network” in terms of providing dissemination of accurate, beyond anyone’s interest, very useful information aimed at public from the one point of the state in case of an earthquake or other major disaster, the role of the Aarhus Centers in its extending and increasing its efficiency.

“Since the ACs are information bearing and sharing centers, where are not working casual people, but living with it, seriously dealing with these issues people, so we decided to include the ACs, as they have the need of those information and they can disseminate throgh their channels,” said Nikolay Grigoryan, adding that prior to that is necessary to possess the existing, as well as processed information, assimilate that knowledge.

Mr. Aram Garielyan, National Coordinator of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, talked about the actions and plans aimed at mitigation of the key issue carried in our country before the Paris meeting. The latter informed that Armenia has entered into a practical range of activities, in which have their rope the Acs.

According to him climate change issue has lead the world to a serious disadvantage: “The economic system in which the world operates today, brings not only economic, but also political crisis. Many countries believe that solving this problem can be solved in others. Therefore, the problem of the climate change must be viewed in a wider context, ” he added.

The latter also added that in this aspect Armenia has its own approach: introducing a new economic mechanism in the form of a revolving fund.

An alarm was contained in the problem presented by Gyumri Aarhus Center Coordinator Gevorg Petrosyan associated with the enrichment of flour. He presented the negative effects that may have citizens of our country through daily bread as a result of getting extra dose of folic acid and iron.
The AC coordinators considered the problem urgent. It was decided to join the ongoing struggle to collect additional information and carry out large-scale awareness raising actions among the public (Watch the video for more information: http://aviplatform.com/media.details.php?mediaID=3495)

The coordinators shared their experience and the possessed information with each other. They discussed the ACs current and working issues related to the annual plans performance.
The coordinators received recommendations and advices by the program manager on the format and dates for submission of the summarizing reports.

At the end of the agenda an active discussion was held in a wider range with regard to the Compliance Committee’s first conclusion on progress assessment regarding the Armenian government’s first current report on the decision V / 9a on the fulfillment of Armenia’s commitments with regarrd to the Aarhus Convention. (Details: http://aarhus.am/?page_id=13271&lang=en).

Mari Chaqryan
Armenian Aarhus Centers Press Officer
Translated by Anush Beybutyan