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On November 10, 2015, with the assistance of the OSCE Office in Yerevan, as well as with the partnership of the YSU Centre on Sustainable Development a workshop was organized in Yerevan to discuss the problems of mine and water resources utilization and management in Armenia. The Workshop intends to gather together the Governmental representatives, scientific and business communities as well as Experts and Civil Society partners to exchange viewpoints and discuss the problems and solutions. Among the invited were representatives of state and international organizations and mining companies, researchers, representatives of the public society, “Aarhus” centers of Armenia and mass media.

The opening speech was delivered by Chairman M. Grigoryan, dean of the YSU Faculty of Geography and Geology, expert of the CSD. A speech of welcome was delivered by the RA Minister of Nature Protection A. Grigoryan, Head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan, Ambassador A. Sorokin, as well as by the YSU vice rector G. Gevorgyan. In their speech they emphasized the importance of such events and discussion of actual issues, wishing an active and fruitful work.

Next M. Grigoryan represented the main directions of the CSD’s activity, its achievements and challenges. Then he referred more in detail to the summary of results of the research carried out by the CSD about landslide phenomena and the artesian basin of Ararat.

Head of the CSD, expert R. Movsesyan dwelt on the issues of mining activity, namely on its transparency, accountability and responsibility. In his report he highlighted the necessity of certain data concerning mining activity, such as the rates of productivity, extraction, impoverishment and loss. He mentioned that the quantity-quality rates of industrial wastewater released into the environment should be accessible, and that sanitary-protective (buffer) zones should be established around functioning enterprises. R. Movsesyan also emphasized the importance of compulsory insurance for damages resulting from mining activities and the quick solution of a number of other issues.

In the second part of the workshop expert of the CSD Sh. Khachatryan reported about the actual issues of mine exploitation in Armenia. Expert S. Qelyan in his report referred to the environmental Issues Due to Small Hydropower exploitation.

The third part of the workshop was devoted to the organization of mining industry objects expertise. Expert H. Movsisyan presented certain alarming facts about Mining and Environmental Impact Assessment expertise. He also made recommendations on the rational utilization of mineral resources and organization of production management. Next, expert Sh. Khachatryan presented the results of Tukhmanuk and Armanis Gold Mining expertise and research.

Each report was followed by heated discussion involving the participants. There were several questions sounded by the representatives of the public society. The questions were addressed both to speechmakers and to representatives of the ministries present at the workshop.

As a result, it was decided that the CSD should form and work out all the suggestions about the solution of the identified problems and submit them briefly to the Government.