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“Environmental Legislation Field of the RA, International Agreements, Aarhus Convention”: Seminar for Youth in Yeghegnadzor
On October 26, at the Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center’s partner Yeghegnadzor Civil Youth Center a seminar was held for the Center’s volunteers under the theme “The environmental legislative field of the RA, international agreements, the Aarhus Convention”.
At the beginning of the meeting the Aarhus Centre coordinator introduced participants the Aarhus Centers activities and goals.
Afterwards the letter presented the legislative field regulating the environmental sphere, the provisions of the RA Constitution,which have subjected to changes, in accordance with the draft amendments to the Constitution, international conventions and

agreements ratified by Armenia.
The Aarhus Convention was presented to participants in details. As a result, it became clear to young people how the society can, in some cases obliged to participate in decision-making processes as those related to their environment and are directly connected with their vital functions.

They got informed of how to obtain environmental information concerning the population, who possess that information, whom can they apply in case of violation of the pillars of the Convention.

Hrach Kocharyan
Coordinator of Yeghegnadzor Aarhus Center
(+374) 77 778199
E-mail: info_yeghegnadzor@aarhus.am , hrachqocharyan@mail.ru, mkrtchyan.mariam7@gmail.com
Translated by Anush Beybutyan