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Tsakhkashat village head decided to stand next to fellow villagers

On September 22, a meeting was held with Mr. Vahe Paranyan, chairman of “Young Alaverdi” NGO and Mr. Hrachik Paranyan, community leader of Tsakhkashat in Alaverdi Aarhus Center. The aim of the meeting was receiving professional support and consultation from the Aarhus Centre.
The society has raised an outcry in Tsakhkashat village after they found out that the village head has given his consent and signed under the document submitted by the “Vallex Group Companies”.
According to the submitted document, it is planned to carry out geological exploration works in Tsakhkashat purposing to operate a metal mine in the future (about
this the Aarhus Center has made inquiries and received official responses).

Tsakhkashat village head, explained that, although he was present at the first public hearing, but the problem was explained to him in a different way, that is why he has signed.

After giving an agreement, during the second public hearing the village head, along with his fellow villagers, has expressed his indignation with regard to the problem, presenting that he was not aware about what activities were they talking and was willing to correct the mistake.

During the hearings the villagers of Tsaghkashat held heated discussions and opposed conducting geological prospecting works in the area of the village.

As heated outburst was aroused around this issue, and the villagers were willing to fight for their native land, the village head said that according to law, together with the villagers he would fight until their demands were satisfied.

At the Aarhus Centre Mr. Hrachik Paranyan also informed that the villagers had organized a collection of signatures and the 95% were against of the geological exploration works implementation.
They talked about the need for legal assistance, and for which we have asked the lawyer of Alaverdi municipality, the latter is actively cooperating with the Centre.

As a result of the meeting it was decided to follow clear steps for finding solution to the problem: to convene an extraordinary session of the Community Council, in which would be nullified the agreement given by the village head, then the Community Council would address a letter to Yervand Zakaryan, minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the RA, in addition, the villagers would sent a letter to the president and prime minister.

Anush Evoyan
Coordinator of Alaverdi Aarhus center
E-mail: info_alaverdi@aarhus.am
Translated by Anush Beybutyan