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The monitoring of air pollution in Alaverdi city and surrounding communities

Taking into account the interest of a few community leaders for the ongoing monitoring of air pollution, about which they had sent a request to the RA Ministry of Nature Protection in summer during a visit to Alaverdi, on October 16 a round-table training was held in Alaverdi Aarhus Center on the topic “The monitoring of air pollution in Alaverdi city and surrounding communities”.
The leaders of the communities, where the “Environmental Impact Monitoring Center” is conducting air basin quality views, were invited to the meeting. They are Alaverdi, Haghpat, Odzun, Hagvi, Achor and Kachachkut communities.

The round table was attended only by the Mayor of Alaverdi, Akor mayor and deputy mayor, deputy mayor of Odzun, HayEcoMonitoring Alaverdi plant workers, NGO representatives, “Corner + 3″ local TV crew.

The participants were presented in details as with what frequency and methods and in which areas the monitoring of air basin quality is implemented, then, after testing in lab in Vanadzor city, how the data is being analyzed in Yerevan. During the meeting they talked about how the information on air basin in Alaverdi city and the surrounding communiites is being published via the official web site of EIM SNCO www.armmonitoring.am and the web site of the Ministry of Nature Protection www.mnp.am.

The Aarhus centre and the “Environmental Impact Monitoring Center” jointly prepared an information sheet that was given to the participants.

During the discussion, the mayor of Alaverdi noted the importance of air quality monitoring. Head of Akor community proposed to revise the already enshrined sited, where the passive samplers are installed. According to them, it would be appropriate to involve the community representatives, because they know the area better, and in this case the data will be realistic.

Anush Evoyan
Coordinator of Alaverdi Aarhus Center
Tel: (+374) 253 60 645 295 (interal 191)
E-mail: info_alaverdi@aarhus.am
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan