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Discussion on the issues of public legal development in Dilidjan

On August 26, Dilijan Aarhus Center held a round-table discussion on ” Tools for civil society legal strengthening”. The event was aimed not only to raise awareness, but also aimed at training the employees of the municipality, the city’s cultural and legal representatives, board members of the Aarhus Center on the topic access to international and national legislation.
Mr. Gevorg Danielyan, professor, doctor of law and coordinator of Center for Economic Analysis Committee, made a speech on the conceptual issues on the legislative changes in the Republic.

The participants asked about constitutional amendments. They cited that now in regard to the constitutional amendments, some newspapers refer to the Declaration of Independence, in particular that the RA water, land and the crust are public, so how theses constitutional reform will regulate that issue. Welcoming the interest of the audience, Mr. Gevorg Danielyan clarified the significance and practical issues of the proposed legislative amendments.

The participants of the event asked a number of questions to the speaker; how the necessary information can be obtained, in what cases the information holders may refuse or require money for providing the information, how the mining industry can be regulated by the law, questions were raised regarding the judicial system, or how the judicial Council is formed.

Particular importance was attached to a new law on Dilidjan city, which has come into force since August 1, which specifically prohibits the legalization of illegal constructions until compilation of a new zoning and the new board expert opinion, while the relevant article of the Civil Code allowed the legalization of illegal buildings, how similar legal disputes are being regulated, which law is given preference to.

Professor Danielyan gave exhaustive answers to all these questions, citing the relevant articles of the law, giving examples of how other countries have regulated those issues.

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Coordinator of Dilidjan Aarhus Center
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Translated by Marine Mazmanyan