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The new tailings dam will be built. “Mego Gold” offers a new solution, which is not favored by the residents

On September 9, during the public discussion held at Melikgyugh community administration, the residents were informed that the company would not build a new tailing dam, On September 9, Melikgyugh Village residents informed during the public review period, the company will build a new tailings dam and plans to merge the three existing tailings and build a single one with a three-meter-high dam storage.
According to the company representative, the three tailings are in an emergency situation now, dam collapses have occurred. The collapse reason is that previously the tailings dam raising project was carried out without documentation, without the insulating layer and a protective screen.

(Note that the representatives of the NGOs, the Aarhus Center, as well as the residents have repeatedly voiced about the tailings’ being located in a landslide zone, the collapses and the resulted outflows, which unfortunately was rejected by the company).

“MEGO Gold” LLC plans to combine the existing tailings and build a temporary storage with 3-meter-height wall on 3 hectares of land in order to improve the current emergency situation.

It is worth noting that the company has also decided to increase the plant productivity bringing it up to 306 000 t/per year, rebuild and re-equip the plant, modernize the gold recovery methods. The “Mego Gold” LLC new projects related to the mine have raised the discontent of the population as well as the anxiety of Mirak, Rya Taza, Alagyaz, Yezidi communities located in the mine impact area.

In a letter addressed to the Miister of Nature Protection the residents told about the company violations, the obligations that the company failed to do, the damages caused to the village, and represented problems that were the result of mine, ore and tailings exploitation.

The letters and answers are attached.

Natalya Manukyan
Coordinator of Aparan Aarhus Center
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Editor: Mari Chakryan
Translated by Marine Mazmanyan