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The lack of reliable information on the environment leads to unexpected consequences. Gavar

Gavar Aarhus Center initiated a training Gavar State University students, NGO representatives and journalist highlighting the raising environmental awareness level among the future economists, lawyers and journalists and the fundamental knowledge and understanding of reliable information on environmental issues.
The training was conducted by Mrs. Silva Ayvazyan, coordinator of Yerevan Aarhus Center and Mrs. Mari Chakryan, press officer of the Armenian Arhus Centers. Mrs. Silva Ayvazyan spoke about the importance of access to environmental information and public environmental awareness law.

She enumerated and emphasized all the international documents that contain articles that brought public awareness on environmental issues. She informed passive and active ways of dissemination information on the environment and how the citizens can use their right to be informed. She informed the seminar participants about changes in the environment intended to increase public awareness and involvement in the decision-making process in terms of Aarhus Centers’ mission and activities.

Mari Chakryan presented what information the possible consumers of the environmental information needed, and now how they assess the quality and quantity of the environmental information and what they think of the government’s environmental measures and their effectiveness. She then talked about how we could make available information relating to the environment, especially climate change issues, complex terms, abbreviations and chemical names containing information that is of interest to the public. She highlighted the right provision and dissemination of information, focusing on benefits and harms fairly, rather than one-sided. “The media have a great responsibility not only for the reflection of conflicts between the human being and nature, but also for the solution of problems”, she added.

The seminar participants asked a lot of questions to the speakers and showed great interest on the material provided.

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Translated by Marine Mazmanyan